THR Machinery was established in 1995 as a custom-design machinery machine shop with a strong background in the automotive manufacturing business. We understand safety hazards, quality issues, production breakdowns and repair time issues.

With our understanding and knowledge, quality is our goal. We can design and build equipment that is above our customers’ standards with the ideal of setting new standards for our customers’ machine requirements.

Tube Bending & Fabrication

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials
Dedicated pneumatic and hydraulic power benders designed using customers CAD data & Solidworks 3-D
Custom skive, pierce and notching machines
Assembly stations for brackets, clamps, valve cores, switches etc.
Custom tooling for CNC tube benders

Tube Brazing

Multiple station flame brazing equipment for horizontal, rotary and vertical applications
Customized braze fixtures designed using customers CAD data & Solidworks 3-D
Specializing in designing custom fixtures for brazing tubes in the bent state
Custom design of “castle” nests for brazing blocks/fittings to minimize heat sinks during braze process

Equipment & Engineering

Machining equipment is CNC Mazaks with 5 axis capabilities
CAD software used for designing/engineering of equipment and tooling is Solidworks 2013
Produce machined prototype parts for engineering of new products
Have good working knowledge of “lean manufacturing principles”
Have over 70 combined years of custom fabricating and manufacturing experience